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Manufacturers are continuing to increase service intervals. This reduces their costs when someone purchases a service pack but in the long term, it can cause damage to your engine.

With the combination of long service intervals, cheap quality service parts and our damp climate, problems such as turbo failures, DPF (diesel particular filter) blockages and general poor engine performance are on the rise.

Regular Servicing is Crucial for the Health of Your BMW/Mini
 FAULT: Turbo failure FAULT: DPF blockages FAULT: Poor performance
 CAUSE: Poor quality of lubricating oil CAUSE: Dirty air filter CAUSE: Partially blocked fuel filter
 RECTIFICATION: Regular servicing RECTIFICATION: Regular servicing RECTIFICATION: Regular servicing


It is false economy to ignore that “service due” light. For most people, their car is the second largest investment they’ll make after their home. Would you ignore that leaking roof?

At Car Clinique, we use BMW and Mini’s servicing schedule and OE-quality parts, so if your car is still under warranty, that warranty will be protected. For cars outside their warranty period, we offer Basic/Minor and Full/Major services that will cover all your car’s needs.

You may be surprised how reasonably priced our service packages are here at Car Clinique, so feel free to call for a quote today.

Car Clinique are BMW/Mini specialists in Hillsborough, servicing and repairing vehicles for drivers from the local area and from all across County Down. We’re BMW dealer-trained, IMI qualified and have a Master Tech on the team, and with our reputation for excellence, booking your BMW or Mini into Car Clinique may be the best decision that you make today.

To find out more about Car Servicing in Hillsborough, contact us online or call us directly on 07842 994223

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