Specialist BMW Servicing And Repairs

At Car Clinique based in hillsborough we can provide expert repairs to BMW's, Servicing, timing chain replacement and carbon clean up

The importance of servicing

Manufacturers are continuing to increase service intervals. This reduces their costs when one purchases a service pack yet in the long term is causing damage to your engine.

With the combination of long service intervals, cheap quality service parts and our damp climate, problems such as turbo failures, DPF (diesel particular filter) blockages and general poor engine performance are on the rise.

FAULT: Turbo failure
CAUSE: Poor quality of lubricating oil
RECTIFICATION: Regular servicing

FAULT: DPF blockages 
CAUSE: Dirty air filter 
RECTIFICATION: Regular servicing

FAULT: Poor performance 
CAUSE: Partially blocked fuel filter
RECTIFICATION: Regular servicing

Some examples of how poor servicing can be costly.

It is false economy to ignore that service due light. For most people a car is the second largest investment. Would you ignore that leaking roof?

You may be surprised how reasonably priced our service packages here at Car Clinique are, so feel free to call for a quote today.

blocked up filter
engine oil build up
engine oil

Tyres & Wheel alignment 

Our state of the art laser wheel alignment equipment will accurately align both front and rear wheels of your BMW or MINI, optimising vehicle performance and safety. 

Correct alignment is paramount after installation or modification of steering and suspension components to ensure tyres are not suffering premature wear. 

diagnostic and headlight alignment
tyre aligner and remover

Servicing is essential

More frequent servicing can help minimise the chance of engine failure. Long life service plans are set by manufacturers to reduce initial servicing costs, yet the effects are only noticed later on, generally after the warranty period.

We, here at Car Clinique are noticing more turbo and engine failures as a result. We would strongly recommend a service every 10k miles or once a year, compared to the manufacturers 20k miles or two year plans.

plug corrosion

ECU Problems

Here at Car Clinique, we can provide an alternative to having to pay a fortune on brand new ECU’s. (Electronic Control Unit)

Used parts would not be our first recommendation, yet with ECU’s we can sympathise with a customer not wishing to pay the extortionate prices for new.

Considering there are no moving parts liable to fail due to wear and tear, a used alternative can in most cases be the best possible solution.

We can diagnose the fault, source the used ECU correct for your car and program to suit.

This is a service the BMW dealership can not even provide so feel free to contact us for queries you may have.

Timing Chain Failures.

There are many reasons for failure, poor servicing, short journeys, excessive use of start/stop technology and quite simply, service life.

Similarly to engines with timing belts, failure can be catastrophic. Yet the servicing and understanding of a timing chain is not the same for most drivers.

We have experienced timing chain issues from as low as 24k miles to as high as 160k miles. Not all examples are exactly the same, it depends a lot on the maintenance and individual use. This can be applied to both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Err on the side of caution, have your car checked.

engine without housing


Both modern petrol and diesels engines suffer from carbon build up. This problem is accelerated by poor servicing and continuous short journey driving.

The carbon builds up in the the intake ports and valves which significantly reduces the volume of air entering the engine.

Symptoms: Engine management lights, poor performance and poor fuel economy.

There are many companies providing a service to clean your engine, yet fail to carry out the process successfully. Their equipment are primarily used as a preventative measure between services yet are unable to provide a solution to the carbon build up.

Here at Car Clinique, we have successfully developed a technique/process to clean the carbon build up from your BMW/MINI engine with a 100% success rate.

Continuous neglect on the matter will certainly lead to additional problems. Incorrect fuelling, leading to DPF blockages and even turbo failure.

CBS Servicing Icons - What do they mean ?

oil icon

Oil Service

The oil and oil filter in your BMW’s engine should be replaced to ensure optimum performance and help maintain efficiency. The microfilter(s) should also be replaced.

fan filter


The microfilter/pollen filter should be replaced with every engine oil service. This icon may not be displayed in your BMW.


Front brakes

The front brake pads on your BMW are close to their wear limit and need replacing. Your brake discs should also be checked.

spark plug

Spark plugs

The spark plugs in your petrol engine should be replaced at every second oil service along with the air filter. This icon may not be displayed in your BMW.

parking brake

Rear brakes

The rear brake pads on your BMW are close to their wear limit and need replacing. Your brake discs should also be checked.

filter icon

Diesel particulate filter

The diesel particulate filter in your BMW may be blocked or need replacing. Visit your nearest BMW Authorised Retailer.

warning light

Brake fluid

The brake fluid in your BMW should be replaced to maintain optimum performance.



Your BMW is due the annual statutory inspection for vehicles 3 years and older.

car lift

Vehicle check

Your BMW is due a Vehicle Check Service. This symbol may also appear for other vehicle defects that require attention.

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